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About Us

Brief History & Overview

Wonderwell's was established in 2000 and the trademark Wonderwell's was registered. Since that time we have been steadily making a name for ourselves in providing unique product innovations for the office and other areas.

Our commitment to providing quality, patented ideas and quality finished products, with the option of private labeling, and our flexibility in meeting our customers' individual needs have generated interest from all over the world and ensured our continuing success.

Driving Principles

Customers count. We believe our primary responsibility is to our customers. We listen to our customers, understand their individual needs and have the flexibility to meet their varying requirements.

Above all we are a company about ideas. Fresh thinking. Finding a better way to do things. Ideas are what sustain us and keep our customers coming back for more. We create. We innovate. It's not just what we do. It's who we are.

Quality Control
Quality is key. This point cannot be stressed enough. All our products are made from top quality materials and go through a rigorous quality control procedure. Quality merchandise perfectly matching the initial samples. We believe our uncompromising insistence on quality is the bedrock of our success.

Competitive strategy. We stay competitive by offering truly unique, quality, finished product ideas with tailor-made labeling, should you require, at fair prices. Our private labeling is also an option with small quantities.

Reaching Goals
Our Goal

To provide innovative, quality product ideas which will be beneficial to our customers in terms of functionality and, in the case of re-selling, in realizing a good return for them. Products which, through their high-quality attention to detail, uniqueness and usefulness, will connect our customers better with their customers.
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