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Feedback from some of our clients...

Larry Kost,
Lecturer (Department of Mathematics and Statistics),
University of Vermont,
"We have tried Wonderwell's Smarteraser in a classroom which is in use 10 hours a day and are very pleased with the product. It certainly beats trying to keep a clean supply of the old fashion erasers."Larry Kost
Klaus Kafitz,
discPROFI GmbH
"We like this company and their useful products due to the flexibility in tayloring the product to our customer needs. Great ideas with great people standing behind them."Klaus Kafitz
Henri Kantola,
Sales Director,
Aveka Ltd.
"Good, innovative products. In business new ideas and solutions are crucial from the re-seller's point of view."Henri Kantola
Tero Kaski,
"I already thought that our dry erase whiteboards were finished. Thank you BoardRescue!"Tero Kaski
Allan Lyngsø Lauritsen,
Sales Director,
X Systems Ltd.
"We are only looking for products that are unique and can make a change, because they are innovative. These products have what we look for, in every new product, and idea so simple but so useful and very different to anything else on the market."Allan Lyngsø Lauritsen
Mirja-Leena Hakamäki,
Sales Director,
Sininen Kolmio Ltd.
"I've done business with Wonderwell's for four years now. The entire time the co-operation has been extremely positive. Wonderwell's has brought one interesting product after another to the market and I'm always anxious to get to know the latest innovations. Wonderwell's products have always been consistent in quality. Deliveries have been flexible and fast. On top of that Wonderwell's staff is capable, friendly and helpful. It is a pleasure to do business with them."Mirja-Leena Hakamäki
Harri Siuro,
Sales Manager,
CD-R Mediat
"I have never heard of a company like Wonderwell's that produces new, patented products as if they come from an assembly line. Co-operation with Wonderwell's suits us perfectly. We get all the products with our own labels and our customers get to use the latest product ideas first. It is wonderful to always have new, practical products to offer to our customers and it is our brand that shows."Harri Siuro
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One of our products...

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